25 Years Of Vitality

Since 1990, New Nordic has been thinking differently and strived to innovate and develop new herbal tablets which strengthen vitality and fight age related health problems. The company has pioneered the use of plant molecules to activate life and vitality processes of your highly specialized body cells. The secret is to supply nutrition and signals which turn on particular cells of your body, i.e. the eyes or your brain cells, to be more active.

The original Swedish Blue Berry™ - the essence of eye health has become a well-known daily food supplement for people of all ages. So have the iconic Hair Volume™ and Active Liver™ products. Users have learned to look for New Nordic’s tablets in health stores and pharmacies. The packaging comes in many different appealing colors depending on the health effect and kind of vitality they bring, but they all have one thing in common, the Silver tree mark. Day by day an increasing amount of people experience the benefits of New Nordic’s tablets.

Today, millions of loyal consumers in more than 30 countries around the world, from China in East to USA in West, use one or more of New Nordic’s tablets as a part of their daily health routine. Joy means maintaining vitality year after year. Let New Nordic show you the path.