Frutin® - Put a lid on your stomach acids (1992)

Frutin was the first breakthrough innovation of New Nordic. It was developed as an easy and fast cure for Heart Burn.

To help maintain the stomach acid in the stomach rather than in the esophagus, where it can create a burning feeling, New Nordic invented a very special natural citrus fiber. The fiber is unique and many have tried to copy it without success. When it is chewed it floats gently to the top of the stomach creating a lid of foam made of natural fruit fiber, this prevents stomach acids from rising into the food pipe. All this happens very fast and the lid floats on the top of the stomach content for several hours. The smart thing about this product is the fact that you can stop the acids from rising without neutralizing them. This allows the stomach to function normally and fight the various bacteria that might drop by.

After 23 years this tablet is still a unique product developed based on innovative ideas

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