Skin Care™ - Activating collagen production in you skin (2012)

This is where New Nordics technological advantage and know-how really shines. After centuries of applying beauty products to the skin, scientists are beginning to understand how plant ingredients and nutrition can activate the deeper layer of skin cells, and thereby obtain more lasting effects than just cosmetic effects. A healthy skin is a beautiful and young looking skin. New Nordics basic research in how cells are activated to perform comes very much in handy when developing these new generations of beauty products. Skin Care Collagen Filler is a result of this.

A tablet with the ability to boost the production of collagen from within. It is not science fiction and it is not magic. It is reality based on pure science. Skin Care Collagen Filler is just the beginning. Many different tablets acting on skin cells are being developed and in New Nordic’s laboratories the future tradition of skin care and beauty routines is created. 

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Skin Care Collagen Filler