Zuccarin® - The tablet that made a whole town shape up (2003)

For more than 5 years New Nordic worked with Japanese university scientists to uncover the health benefits hidden within the leaves of the White Mountain mulberry tree. A traditional health and food remedy enjoyed by Japanese silk workers who always seemed to be slim and healthy.

Research revealed that leaves taken in form of a tablet had a negative calorie effect. Studies would show that test persons who consumed 200 calories in the form of white sugar absorbed only about half of the calories. Additionally, the mulberry tablets made the test persons respond better to insulin and the transformation of calories into energy increased.

After years of research the tablet of Japanese white mulberry leaves was introduced in Scandinavia under the name Mulberry Zuccarin®. The tablet was meant to be for people struggling with sugar cravings by helping them balance blood sugar levels after eating. It didn’t take long for the demand for Mulberry Zuccarin to explode.

In the Norwegian town Ålesund, friends and family members of people who tried the tablet came rushing to the stores to purchase several boxes of the product. Soon the whole town was taking the tablets - not only because it helped maintain a good blood sugar balance after eating. No people were after the negative calorie effect that had made their family members and friends shape up. The news spread like rings in the water and today Zuccarin tablets are sold in many countries all over the world, making it a bestseller in many countries.

The scientific research has also continued to spread, and in 2014 Professor de Villy of Italy published his splendid work with the Zuccarin tablet showing that healthy overweight people on a diet lost nearly three times more weight when adding Zuccarin tablets to the diet. 

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