Our Research

Continuous research is how New Nordic can move forward and offer new solutions to make a better world for all of us. We think differently in the way that we strive to improve  our  understanding of  how natures plant molecules can activate the life processes and functionality of the human cells. In other words, how can we increase the functionality of our body cells to keep us humans young and moving?

Our research is a non-stop ever increasing process. We work with professors, doctors, universities, hospitals and clinics in many parts of the world in our constant search for better solutions. All this knowledge we try to accumulate in-house and our know-how is increasing day by day. In the medical field we are funding our own studies in the fields of ADHD, diabetes, weight management, skin and hair care.

New Nordic is also involved in ground breaking basic research in the field of plant and human microbiome and the interaction between the two. Our research goes further than this. Our international operation and marketing research gives us a picture of consumer trends and the needs that our consumers have.