The Call From The Pharmacy

One day, the Category Manager of the biggest pharmacy chain in the world curiously called and told the Director of New Nordic: ”If you have an effective  hair tablet in your product range in Scandinavia we would like to see it”. Why would such a pharmacy chain want to sell a tablet manufactured from a company on the other side of the Atlantic when there are so many manufacturers of health products in the US?

At New Nordic, in Sweden, they have a genuine love for nature and a passion for developing more effective health products. Is it always necessary to be slowed down by aching joints and muscles or simple lack of energy? At New Nordic they don’t think so. They are determined to do something about it and the solution is all around us. From the first day of business, the founders of New Nordic have pioneered the health industry. At New Nordic, they have great respect for the ancient studies, experience and tradition of use of herbal ingredients. They know that the real progress lies in scientific research.

The global interest in herbals is accelerating day by day and amazing functional and medicinal effects are frequently discovered. Nature is indeed very powerful.

At New Nordic they are innovative and think differently. They have an outstanding knowhow in the field and they are constantly seeking to find plant molecules that can not only supply nutrition but also activate life processes of human organ cells. Researchers at New Nordic put great efforts into following and understanding the latest scientific research and they are initiating their own research as a platform for new product development. When a pharmacy decides to distribute New Nordic products they can rest assured that they are selling products based on the latest scientific facts. Today, the company’s Hair Volume™ tablet, based on an outstanding apple extract, is used by millions of loyal consumers in more than 30 countries.

All New Nordic products are manufactured in Scandinavia. The company has leading natural products for several health and beauty concerns. Next time you shop for hair, eye or skin tablets, look for New Nordic’s characteristic Silver tree mark. Your guarantee for a consistent high quality product based on the latest scientific research.